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1 Week Summer Course

1 Week Summer Course


Course dates (limited to 6 places):

22nd - 27th July 2024 - 2 places available.

12th - 18th August 2024 - 4 places available.


This intensive but enjoyable  5 day course is suitable for those who wish to begin their journey into the exciting world of pottery, along with those who would like to progress and hone the skills they have already started to develop. This bespoke course will give you a better understanding of pottery making and we will cover as many skills and techniques as possible. There will also be flexibility, however, for you to specialise in areas of particular interest to you. The last day will be spent on Raku firing, a fascinating Japanese firing technique that produces unique and beautiful results.


The course starts on Monday at 9am and finishes on Saturday at 5pm. Friday is a day off for you to explore the local delights of Somerset or the Dorset coast. 


Our first task would be to create pieces using specialist white raku clay, ready to be used for the raku firing on the final day of the course. We would then progress to intensive making using other different types of clay, mainly on the wheel but hand building too (pinching, coiling and slab work construction). Your pieces can be functional, sculptural or for the garden. We will be able to explore different decoration techniques including using slip (liquid clay) for colour and texture, scraffito, slip trailing, stencils and stamping. We will also learn how to turn pots, pull handles, create spouts and lid making. Guidance and tutorials will be given throughout the week but the course is an opportunity for you to develop your own interests and ideas. A sketchbook will be sent out before the course for you to begin to make plans on projects and pieces you wish to create.

A highlight of the week is Raku day. You will decorate the pieces made earlier with various lustre glazes (from a choice of twenty) and then fire them outdoors in the gas Raku kiln. You will also have the chance to try naked Raku and copper fumed reduction. 


Raku pieces will be ready to take home on the Saturday but your other pieces will need time to dry before firing. Collection will be possible approximately three weeks after the course.


Every day (apart from Friday) will include a buffet lunch and morning and afternoon refreshments. There are some excellent local hostelries for supper and we will be happy to recommend accommodation.


Please make contact for available dates & times: or tel: 07818 418971.

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